In UNCHAINED the central symbol of the Spurs takes center stage and transforms into an unstoppable force, a smart swarm of spurs. Incorporating background projection AND a scrim in the foreground on our players set, we give the viewer the feeling that these objects are truly in 3-dimensional space.

The swarm of spurs flows in front of and behind the players, creating an array of San Antonio inspired patterns. Then we bring the action onto the streets of San Antonio as the fans carry the Spurs spirit through the city with huge projections of players and the Spur swarm on iconic buildings.

Title : “Unchained”
Client : San Antonio Spurs
VP of Strategic Brand Engagement : Becky Kimbro
Creative Services Manager : Abe Exum
Spurs Brand Engagement Team

Production Company : The Famous Group, LA/NY
Executive Creative Director : Greg Harvey
Executive Producer : Andrew Isaacson
Managing Director : David Kwan
Creative Director : Lauren Fisher
Live Action Director : Jesse Austin
Producer : Grant Aronson
Production Coordinator : Devin Davis
Editor : Parker Wilson
Designer : Lauren Fisher, Jesse Bafia
Animator : Jesse Bafia
Animator : Luis Gonzalez
Sound Design : Elliot Diviney

Production Crew :
Line Producer : Brenda Ambrize
Production Coordinator: Chantel Nasits
Director of Photography : Boyd Hobbs
1st AC : Ryan Zarate
DIT : Marco Rabadan
Gaffer : Homer Martin
BB Electric : Roger Eichenroht
Key Grip : Scott Macgruder
BB Grip : Chris Simpson
Grip Truck Driver : Garnett George
Still Photographer : Dustin Snipes
Production Assistants : Aaron Resop, Justin Casas, Jordan Pratt, Jessica Jimenez, Matt Hickman

Quince Imaging :
Creative Director : CJ Davis
Event Specialist : Evan Doss
Sr. Video Engineer : David Price
Creative Specialist : Liam O’Hanlon

Hype Squad :
Entertainment Coordinator: Anna DiMarco
Leads : Daniel Radwanski, Destiny Castillo
Talent: Alexia Saucedo, Alvin Cee, Annalisa Capuchino, Carolena Castro, Cassandra Flores, DaJanna Williams, Eliazar Dehoyos Martinez, Ennessie Martinez, Evan Smith, Gina Hughes, Heather Frazier, Horace Armstrong, Isaiah Lightfoot, Jasmine Torrez, Kaedie Riggins, Kareem Robinson, Kaylie Carter, Keiyana Fisher, Kristen Garcia, Maryleah Broyles, Niko Thomas, Omari Dorris, Paul Roman, Paula Cortez, Robert Overman, Ronnie Guest, Stratton Stiefvater, Suzette Valles, Sydney Evans, Sylvia Gil, Valerie Sanchez